Basilwood Farm is our family-owned and operated goat farm where we create skin-nourishing goat’s-milk soap (and other goodies) from our micro herd of dairy goats (who all have names & collars).  Each doe is milked daily to produce our farmstead soap. Each bar contains approximately 20% of our very own fresh milk. The soap we make has as much character and personality as the goats themselves. We refer to “our girls” as the caprine members of The Goat Milk Soap Team.

Our farm has been a 20-year labor of sweat and love to create something of a haven for people who live and visit here. We want to leave you better, happier, healthier and smiley-er than when you met us, whether in person or online. And to give you a little piece of Basilwood in everything we make. We endeavor to engage you in every part of the experience, from daily milking, pasture antics, naming contests, projects on the farm, workshops and getting up close and personal with the members of our goat milk soap team (human and caprine).

Each season leads us into new directions, products and adventures!!! Stay tuned. You never know what we are going to come up with next!

Go the Way of the Goat...