Go the way of the Goat


All of us have encountered things on or in our skin (especially on the face) that we would much rather do without, right?!  Acne, for one, clogged pores, for another. Or just a nasty build-up from dirt, grime and make-up.  The good news is that Activated Charcoal, a key ingredient in our Basilwood Farm Detox goat milk soap actually binds with the impurities to pull them up and out of 

your skin. We also use Tea Tree essential oil to add anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and a healthy dose of avocado oil to the other natural skin-loving oils for an extra gentle moisture boost.  Since you probably won't need to use Detox on a daily basis, we recommend using Caeden's Choice 

for your daily facial cleansing regimen, and Detox as needed.  Oh, yeah... as a facial bar, either one of these will last you six months. Not bad, huh??  Great skin care does not have to be ridiculously expensive ;-)