Go the way of the Goat

"You Have Cool Hair!" Mariano Friginal... Photographer


Here in Basilwood we are all about quality, so it just makes sense that we would want quality photos. We work hard to make sure our soaps are the absolute best for our customers because we love you guys! After all, our soaps are great company for singing in the shower! Each scent can help you feel confident and fresh. Great pictures can do that too, right??


Since we are all about great quality, we need awesome photographs to go along with our products. We work with local, San Joaquin Valley photographer, Mariano Friginal (and now you know why we titled this blog the way we did ;-)

This guy is one of THE best photographers in the Central Valley. (Of course, we're not biased or anything). He truly takes pride in his work. Just take a look at his Instagram!  Every single photograph exhibits his love for his craft and the love he puts into his craft. Mariano has been a great help to us in telling the Basilwood Story.


We wanted to make sure that the viewer gets the feeling that they are actually here with us when they encounter a Basilwood photo and Mariano just "gets us." Recently he has begun working with us to produce video shorts to better showcase our activities and products too!

This is an exciting addition because it has become so important to small business success!  We also love the ability to partner with another local family business to accomplish this.

Having a photographer like Mariano to work with is truly a blessing. The cameras that he uses are amazing, and sometimes they even make it into the shot.  Why not???  He likes vintage cameras, and we like using vintage means of creating utility items! Perfect fit.

Photos have to be crisp in order to complete the look. We have a good camera on site, and we do use it, but Mariano has the "eye" that we can hit about every 1000th photo.  

He hits it every time. So it's definitely a HUGE benefit to include someone like him on your small business team. 

In Basilwood, we consider everyone on the team a part of our family, and we try to communicate that through words, images and product creation. We have a good time making our soaps and spa products.


The Basilwood Farm team, (including the goats because they really are a bunch of Divas), love each new photograph that Mariano creates for us. Visual communication is important for every small business to create and promote your brand. We believe in putting a smile on your face and we hope to do that through each photograph.


We LOVE Mariano and his family here in Basilwood. They are some of the best people we could have ever met.

Stay tuned for new photographs of the new soaps for Fall coming up soon on Instagram & Facebook for our Bubbles Bash September 10th from 10-3. Make sure to Save the Date!  We look forward to seeing you.

To contact Mariano... http://marianofriginal.com/photography