Go the way of the Goat

Maxwell James CIO

Hey everyone! In case you don't know who I am, my name is Maxwell James and I am the CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) at Basilwood Farm. I am almost 18 months old and my main job is to play on the farm, inspire new products, and be cute. 

Being the BIG boss here at Basilwood comes with a lot of perks, like my very own parking spot. 

The other perks that come with being the CIO are that I inspire a lot of different products. One of the best products created is the Baby Bum Balm. If my little bum turns red, my Mommy just puts some of this on me and I am all better within a day or two. It also works great on any dry spots I might get and helps heal up my scratches faster. I've even seen Mommy even use it for dry spots too.  

As you can see, it gets a little dirty around the farm, so good soap at bath time is a must. Caeden's Choice is my go-to bar because it is so gentle on my sensitive skin. Mommy uses the Handmade Soft Scrubby with my soap and I am clean in seconds! Which is important for a busy guy like me. 

After a hard day's work I like to kick back, relax, take a bath, and put on some Goat Milk Lotion with Grapefruit scent. I can't get enough of Grapefruit! 

It's a pretty exciting place to work! If you have any little ones, I would highly recommend giving my favorite products a try. It will make you both very happy :) 

My personal photographer Mariano Friginal.